Sylvania, Ohio Irrigation And Sprinkler Systems

Leading the Industry in Irrigation Techniques, Drainage, Landscape Lighting Options, or Snow Removal

Waterville Irrigation got its first start back in 1981 as a small lawn service company that primarily mowed lawns. Our company has continued to grow since our start in 1981. We are seasoned, meaning we have the experience and trust of Sylvania, the communities we serve year-round. We offer the following services.

  • We keep the City of Sylvania and surrounding areas Irrigated
  • We Keep the City of Sylvania beautiful with attractive Landscape Lighting
  • We Keep the City of Sylvania Safe with Immediate Snow Removal
  • We keep the City of Sylvania safe from flooding with Drainage Solutions

We work hard to keep the residents who live in Sylvania, Perrysburg, Monclova, and Maumee happy, satisfied, and safe with all of our Irrigation, modernized Sprinkler Systems, and Landscaping needs.

Correct Irrigation Methods Depend on Several Issues

Our company claims over 30-years in the Irrigation industry. We provide to Sylvania residents various approaches to irrigation methods such as,

  • Surface
  • Drip
  • Sprinkler irrigation

The irrigation method you chose depends on natural conditions, the type of technology, your previous experience with irrigation methods, the type of crop, your costs, and the benefits of each irrigation method. First, we examine your soil type, the land’s slope, water quality, wind, climate, and availability. Each of these things impacts your choice of irrigation method. We direct and guide you to the correct irrigation method, and sometimes a customer needs a combination of irrigation methods.

Considering an irrigation method depends on the type of soil you have, such as is your soil sandy or clay? The irrigation method depends on soil type. We ensure that you get a more even water distribution with the best irrigation method for a farm, business, or private residence.

We Keep the City of Sylvania Beautiful with Attractive Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is not only necessary for curb appeal; lighting is vital for residents’ safety. The correct landscape lighting is needed everywhere in the community of Sylvania, such as private homes, walkways, flower gardens, pools, businesses, medical facilities, parks, public streets, special events, outside living areas, and more.

Our company is the leader in accentuating the beautiful landscape in and around Sylvania to keep all areas safe and sound. Give us a call today to help you develop an incredible curb appeal and increase safety for those visiting your business and home.

Snow Removal

Snow removal during the winter is not only a city ordinance; it is vital to our residents’ health, well-being, and safety. We clear snow right away from private driveways, parking lots, public streets, and more. We have the best equipment, quality energy-efficient products to save you money, and unparalleled services to meet our company’s goals. You will appreciate our low and competitive prices.

Sylvania’s Drainage Solutions for Possible Flooding

Our company brings to its businesses and private residents flooding solutions. If your property is in low-laying areas and prone to water overflow, you need to give us a call today to find out what your options are to eliminate this flooding problem on your property and risk for water entering your home or business. We will help you decide what solution is best for you as soon as we locate the water source in your yard or roof. Your drainage solution depends on the kind of problem you have in your yard. We may offer one or a few of the following options to get rid of excess water.

  • French Drains
  • Dry Wells
  • Curtain Drains
  • Elevating your yard where water pools

We know what the Sylvania laws are, and we always check with city and county authorities. We always give 8-1-1 or your local utility provider a call before we start digging. If we do not do this, we risk hitting utility piping.

Give us a call today at 419-878-4602 for any of your Sylvania Irrigation, Landscape Lighting, Snow Removal, and Drainage issues. Access our website for more in-depth information. We want to talk with you concerning our services and what we can do to enhance your home and business’s safety and curb appeal.

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