Drainage Solutions

What a Drainage System is Designed to Do

A drainage system is designed to carry excess water from one part of your property to another area where it can be safely disposed of away from your home. Drainage systems are typically needed when your home has not been graded properly or the slope of your home has changed due to flooding, landscaping, construction work, or age. Most drainage systems are placed around the foundation of your home or in areas prone to flooding around your property, such as your back or front yard.

Downspout Drainage

While there are different types of drainage systems, most operate or function in a similar fashion. A pipe, or drainage tile, is buried beneath a layer of gravel and soil near the parts of your home that experience drainage issues. The pipe has a mesh top, which allows water to enter the channel. The water then travels through the pipe until it reaches a spout where it is discarded away from the house.

Signs You May Need to Install a Drainage System

  1. Standing water near the foundation: One of the most common signs that you need to consider adding a drainage system is water pooling around your home. When it rains, if you notice water is puddling in certain areas around the perimeter of the house, you likely have a problem.
  2. Puddling water in the grass: If you notice water puddles in the same areas of your grass, the overall health of your landscaping is at risk.
  3. Dampness or flooding in the basement: If your basement or crawlspace commonly flood after it has rained, you need to address certain exterior drainage issues such as downspouts drainage or yard drainage options.


Excess water that sits by the exterior of your home can cause a lot of damage such as sinking or cracking foundations. It can also severely hurt the home’s siding, thus shortening the lifespan of the exterior of your home. A drainage system helps to guide water away from your home, so water damage issues caused by a poor slope or improper grading do not lead to you needing thousands of dollars of repair work to your home.

Warning Signs Your Drainage System May Need to Be Repaired or Maintained

Drainage systems are designed to minimize the amount of dirt and debris that enters the channel or pipe. However, over time, the small amount of dirt and debris that does get in, accumulates and can slow down or impede the flow of water. Other items, such as tree roots can also begin to grow on top of or in the channel and lead to serious issues. Having your drainage systems routinely inspected and maintained can help prevent these factors from affecting your system.

If it has been some time since you last had your drainage systems maintained, be on the lookout for signs that water is not able to flow through the drainage system. You may see water begin to puddle around the base of your home or in your yard once again. You may also notice that no water is coming out of the discharge spout, which is a clear sign water is not completing its journey through your drainage system properly. Immediately contact us so we can inspect and repair your drainage system today.

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