Waterville Irrigation offers the most complete line of advanced sprinkler technology in irrigation systems.

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    Accentuate your yard, patio, and deck by adding decorative landscape lighting to your outdoor spaces.

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    Landscape garden lighting

    Our advanced systems preserve the integrity of your lawn and property.

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  • First Choice in Irrigation

    Waterville Irrigation systems are the best in the industry,using quality equipment like Rain Bird and Toro, our trained-in-the-trenches technicians are able to relieve you of any guesswork.


  • Let There be Light

    Irrigation helps plants grow and your property pretty during the day, Let us show you how we can make it shine at night!

Waterville Irrigation: The Life Force of Your Landscape

You already know that plants, trees, and grass need water’s life-giving force just as much as we do. Even the most proud homeowners don’t always have the time to devote to the irrigation needs of shrubs and gardens, though. And with such wide varieties of plants available in today’s garden centers, knowing just how much water each plant needs and how often it needs it, can feel like a complicated science project.

Your landscape deserves to thrive! To find out how Waterville Irrigation can make your life easier and your landscape sweeter, look through our website, and then request a quote. Or you can simply connect with us directly.