Irrigation: it’s About More Than Water

Sprinkler head water blurryOhio weather is the butt of many jokes, and there’s a reason for that! It’s unpredictable, and can fluctuate wildly in temperature and precipitation in only a 12 hour period!

It’s no wonder that property owners often find their landscaping a bit lack-luster; especially when it’s become a Saturday morning ritual to turn on the hose and give everything a good dousing.

At Waterville Irrigation we understand the science behind water – and an individual plant’s needs for it. Some plants need deep watering down to the roots, but only once in a while. Other plants need frequent watering, but just sips of it here and there.

This is where an irrigation system saves the day. The amount of water and frequency with which it’s delivered to different plant clusters is taken into account when designing your system. We also study the terrain, looking for sloping or low areas that puddle quickly. The soil is also taken into account as rich soils versus sandy or clay soils all require a different irrigation system design to avoid brown spots, flooding, and the insects it attracts.

Our trained specialists use only the industry’s best irrigation equipment and products so you know you can trust the results.

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We’ll take the guesswork out of irrigation for you and you can save your Saturday mornings for something else!