Drainage: It’s More Important than You Think

It’s important to keep your downspouts clean and well-maintained to protect your home’s foundation; homeowners already know this. And many homeowners take the extra step of waterproofing their basements to protect against all the rainwater that seeps into the ground from downspouts that are only inches from their home.

Downspout DrainageThe professionals of Waterville Irrigation have perfected a completely different drainage system that prevents wash-out of your lawn, and preserves the integrity of a property’s fundation.

We create 8 to 20 foot runs, install them underground, and utilize “pop-ups” in your yard where the water can drain. The use of pipes and pop-ups create a more manageable water flow,
pulls the water further away from your home, and requires very little maintenance.

We can even install drainage pipes under sidewalks or other paved areas. The disturbance to your property during installation is minimal and the results are beautiful!

Forget the days of downspouts dumping gallons of water inches from your foundation and creating muddy, pools of standing water wreaking havoc on your lawn and home.

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